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9. Banish Cold Sores

cold sore

Here is a historic use of garlic.  When you get a cold sores, just apply crushed garlic directly on the affected area.  With its anti-inflammatory properties garlic may cause you feel better because it tends to cut down the swelling.


Some think taking garlic supplements will also help to prevent them and get rid of them more quickly.  Use it liberally in your cooking.


10. Allicin


Allicin is a sulphur compound much like the one found which you will find in onions.  Garlic could offer a host of health benefits like the ones we find in onions which have similar compounds.  Science has found these  to treat hair loss in one study. (It’s also what gives garlic that unmistakable smell!)  If a garlic supplement has little or no smell it is missing this important healing sulfur compound.  You should discover a nose for healing.  


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