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What is the Time for a Fast?

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B. Are you having problems digesting raw, natural foods?

raw food

This is a sign that your digestive system is not working at top level.  You should normally have a natural digestive process with natural foods.  In fact, historical that was human food.


Like when your computer is not acting right, what do you do?  You shut it down and reboot.  Often this is exactly what the doctor ordered.  Do a reboot.

a reboot

There is a chi gong healing technique for dealing with a woman who has an irregular menstrual cycle.  There is a certain place to rub for a period of days.  Then what happens is that the entire cycle of her periods stops.  But she keeps doing the daily rubs.  After a period of time, she stops the daily rubbings.  Then the periods return, and they are regular.  There has been a menstrual reboot.  


The same thing is true with the digestive system.  When you shutdown the system for the fast, when it starts up.  It has done a reboot.  The problem is often corrected like magic.


C. Does eating leave you feeling tired?


You are using an excessive amount of energy in the digestive process.  This may be the sign of a sluggish digestive system.  Since it is not working correctly, the system becomes an energy glutton leaving you with a feeling of tiredness after eating.  


As we previously noted, fasting make the digestive system work quicker.


Fasting cleans out your digestive system so that it does not have to work so hard.


D. Have you noticed  that Your Bowel Movements are Regularly Smelly or Runny?

porta potty

Your waste material is moving improperly though the system.  Time for a fasting reboot.  Smelliness may be a sign of sluggishness.  





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