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What is the Time for a Fast?

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E. Are you Having Bad Breath?



bad breath

Often bad breath is coming up from the digestive system and not from the mouth.  During the fast you will wash out the digestive system with water. It is a cleans.  This will end this type of bad breath.  If your mouthwash is not handling the problem enough, for sure a fast may be in order.


This situation may mean that your digestive system is retaining putrefying waste.  Time for a wash, clean out.  Time for a fast.


F. Do you have Irregular, Infrequent, or Constipated Bowel Movements?

digestive problem

All of these problems have to do with the digestive tract not working up to par.  It well may be time for a reboot.  It also may be a sign that the bowels need a cleansing.  During the fast, you body can reset the system and the water will tend to wash it out so that impurities can be eliminated.


If your bowels are not working properly, there is an effect on the whole body.  Before the fast and after the last time you eat, I would consider taking a normal dose of psyllium fiber to clean everything up during the fast.  And at the end of the fast take a dose dose too.  I am not giving medical advice.


G. Are you having Skin Problems?

skin problem

This might include such things as oily skin, spotty, or dry skin, to name a few possibilities.  The skin with perspiration eliminates toxins from the body. This process may be overloaded or stopped up. You may be in need of a body detox.   The water fast will wash out toxins and bring things back into balance.  


This may be why pure water enemas are helpful to the skin.  It like fasting adds the universal solvent, water, to the body.  The water collects toxins for elimination.


H. Do you Have allergies, a cough, or runny nose?




often magically seem to disappear after fasting. [This includes all kinds of allergies.] The mechanism may be that the immune system is boosted was the body flexes its muscle in the detox associated with fasting.  Many problem like this are rooted in a depressed immune system, which may be corrected by fasting.


By the way many doctor now say that some forms of asthma are really related to allergy.  Fasting might be a solution.


I. Are you Feeling Depressed?


Sometimes depression is the result of toxic build up in the bowels and body.  Energy normally used to facilitate clear thinking are diverted to deal with toxic overload and the digestion process.  The fast will detox and bring thing back into balance.  As a result, you will see things more clearly.


This is also why a fast might be in order for a big decision.  You will think more clearly after a fast of sufficient time.  Then you will be in better physical condition to make the right decision.  


J. Are you Over or Under Weight?


Yes that is right; I said underweight also.  As your body comes back into balance, so does your metabolism balance out.   


We are not talking here about attaining some socially imposed weight number.  What fasting tends to do is put you more in line with what is the proper weight for you as an individual.  


Caution.  If you are just looking to drop pounds in a fast.  You may be setting yourself up for the yoyo effect.  That up and down pattern is not healthy and would be a misuse of fasting.  


K. Are you experiencing acute or chronic disease of any kind?

chronic problem

Down through history, fasting has been successfully used for  acute and chronic disease.  There is a boat load of anecdotal evidence that fasting helps is acute and chronic diseases.  The body know how to heal itself if we just put it in the right environment to do it.  


L. Are you having headaches?

a headache

Sometimes, not always, headaches are a symptom of toxic overload.  The fast will clean you up and banish the headaches in such situations.





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