If you believe that you have been in some way possessed, there are several options for dealing with this.

The Bible says resist the devil and he will flee from you. Dr. Bill is available to help you in resisting the invading entity.

Dr. Bill also suggests that an afflicted person first have a session with a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Sometimes Dr. Bill may require also before any exoticism that he have a pastoral counseling session with the person if possible. The SUGGESTED donation for this is the same as a reading. [See now the page please on readings and blessings for details on that SUGGESTED donation.]

This can be very dangerous at times. Dr. Bill must have a cleansing after the service. So this is strictly by appointment so that he knows that the cleansing is ready for him.

The exorcism may call for a combination of things to be done.

Very strong spirits or multiple spirits may require several sessions.

My rite of exorcism for the first session — $500 SUGGESTED donation

Subsequent session SUGGESTED donations vary depending …

Some exorcisms can be done at a distance. Ask Dr. Bill about details on distant exorcisms.

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