Is doing an exorcism dangerous for you?

A real exorcism can be if approached wrong. There are two types of possession. A true possession is extremely rare. Most of the time a person has let the oppressing entity in. They can choose to let the entity out.

This is were I do my work. I help people to let the entity out.

Jesus gave us many examples. The people of the time said that he with authority commands the demons and they depart.

That is the secret that is not a secret. You/I are/am in the drivers seat. It is too simple for most to believe. Just command it with authority, and it is sent away.

[Problems come when the exorcist commands it with fear, instead of authority.]

The Bible puts it this way. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. You/I are/am the commanding authority.

It must be remembered that the empty space that is left must be filled with something good or you have left a space inviting the demon back. And the cycle begins again.

What if the devil tries to jump on you?

Simply remember, resist the devil and he will flee from you. As Jesus sent the demons into the swine which ran into the water and drowned. Command them to go into something. [I have something in the room that I command the demon into and that thing is disposed of with the demon in it.]

Warning. Do not try exorcism yourself without the training of someone well versed in the process. I of course did not give all the details here.

See now my page please on exorcisms because there is more as you can imagine info there.

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