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Three runes were drawn. The primary rune was the th-rune reversed. The secondary runes were the p-rune and the h-rune.

The th-rune in its original name is related to the legendary race of giants, the thurs in Norse mythology. They were stupid and brutish driven by force and will. With the gods of heaven and the gods of earth they constantly warred.

Later this rune was called thorn, like the torn on a bramble.

We all do dumb things some times. Worse still even when we know that that is dumb we try by force of will to push our way threw it. We drag the habit with us stupidly telling ourselves that it is not so bad. This is the posture of the giant.

In the weekly runes the th-rune is reversed. This is the week to end bad habits. You do not have to continue what you have been doing; you can reverse course now. You do not have to drag around stupid habits or continue to walk down a stupid path.

While this rune is the giant, it is the giant that has reversed. He is not stupid; he is not forcing his way threw the thorn forest. He wisely drops the bad ways.

This is a week in which laying your burdens down is easier. Now is the time to change your ways, your situation. The change will be easier this week.

The first secondary rune is the p-rume. This is a reminder from the Norns of ancient lore that our choices have consequences. Bad habits and bad paths will invariably bring bad fate into your future.

Do not be stupid. You can not as a giant by force and will defy the law of cause and effect. What you sow that you reap. The Norns will not exempt you from the fate which is weaved from what you choose in your habits and path.

Now is the time to right you course. Now is the time or else.

You can choose to be the victim of your fate or the lord of you fate. You can now, this week, bend your wyrd, shape your future. The Norns will do what they do depending on what you choose to do this week.

The second supporting rune is the h-rune. This is the symbol of hail. While it from the cloud falls destroying the crop, it is the water seeds for growth of the coming plant life. The bad fate crop you have sown can be destroyed, and the new crop can be nurtured.

The change this week is supported from the heavens. There may be some pain but a good fate can be weaved for you if you reverse/adjust course. Your wyrd can be bent now.

The energy forecast is true internationally, nationally, or individually.

See now please my page on rune magic, because there is more info.

Thank you.

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