Energies for August 10, ’14 Week

Three runes were draw. The primary was the w-rune. The two secondary were the h- & el- runes. The el-rune was reversed.

The flag is flying high above this casting. Although the flag is in a place of honor and viewed with national bliss, at this time it is a false flag. I flies over destruction and deception.

Beware of a false flag operation. One of the supporting runes in the casting is depicting a chaos beginning. The other is a lay of possible deception.

This maybe in international war situation entered under a flag of deception. Or it could be some political flag waving that leads the people into a hailstorm of troubles.

This could be talking about national or personal situations.

BEWARE therefore IN ALL ASPECTS OF YOUR LIFE this week of “too good to be true promises”. And beware of “too horrible to be ignored” depiction, given to induce you to do something that someone else wants.

Look for the false flags, and avoid them.


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