What energies are coming in the second half of August 2014?

I drew three runes.

The w-rune reminds us that the joy that we can have in August relates to how we approach our happiness. We have two choices. Either we can look for our peace in being ego-centric or in being clano-centric.

This rune says that true happiness comes not in taking care of the self but the acting for the good of the society beyond yourself.

A secondary rune is the o-rune reversed. As the w-rune is the final rune of the first eight, the o-rune is the final rune of the third and last eight. The former is physical energies directed toward the society. The latter o-rune contains the culmination energies of the spiritual realm. It is a rune of heritage.

While the United States may be acting with the intent to bring joy by seeking the greater good of society, clano-centric, the reversed o-rune says that the spiritual heritage of the United States is being sacrificed.

The other rune is the j-rune. The rune of harvest. What you sow you reap.

When we sow something outside the United States heritage, what will be harvested will not be the United State, except maybe in name.

There may be more talk about a constitutional crisis, or such.

In the run up to the elections politicians may be talking about their allegiance to the United States heritage but do not be deceived. The o-rune is reversed, and there may be only lip service to heritage.

Investigating their record may expose the truth or untruth of their campaigning speeches in this regard. Their physical historic actions may show that knowingly or unknowingly their spiritual energy is in truth reversed. w-rune to o-rune reversed.

The j-rune seems to say that if the elections are unfolding by appealing to a majority of ego-centric motivated voters, heritage will be sacrificed and true joy, that which is beyond some type immediate happiness, may reverse toward the o-rune reversed.

The way to joy may be bound up in heritage. There may on a deeper level be a struggle between the ego-centric mind set and the heritage mind set. What you sow is what you harvest.

There will be another two months to sort out how this will play out before the election.

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