Eeman Healing

energy body eeman healing

The Eeman Method is offered.

This system deals with your body as an electrical system. By connecting positive and negative electrical points in your body into a complete circuit, blockages in the body electric are opened. Dr. Eeman discovered in the early 1900’s the positive and negative electric points and since then there have been many miraculous healings using his method. This works with the body, mind and spirit.

One person who did this method with Dr. Bill wrote, “I could definitely feel a difference, change, and improvement. after each of the three sessions I was in a better place then when I began the session. I would definitely recommend healings with Bill as you will receive what you are needing!”

Generally but not always three sessions are recommended.

30 minute sessions – $30 SUGGESTED donation  Multiple sessions are less.

This modality is not meant to replace the advise of licensed medical or psychological workers.

Book – Books on healing – by Bill Haberman available at