Eeman Electric Touch For Sinus Promlem?

Eeman involves opening blockages in the body’s electrical system.

You touch positive pole points in the patient’s body to your negative hand and negative pole points in the client’s body to your positive hand. This completes an electric circuit. When the circuit is held long enough with passive concentration, blockages are opened, electricity flows correctly, and the body heals itself. Sometimes instantly. Sometimes organically in time faster than normal you experience healing.

This healing modality can be seen in the Bible as the “laying on of hands”. In some metaphysical healing modalities it may be seen as a form of “palming”.

I had a lady come with a sinus headache. I in passive concentration laid hands creating three circuits over a thirty minute session..

After session she told me that when I started a spot at the area of her headache began topulse with irregular beating. It felt like I was tapping her head. But she knew my hands where no where near there; I was working with the spinal column.

Her nose had started to run, indication that the problem was opening up. She was using tissues left and right. She had dry sinuses before. Things were moving out that needed to be cleared. The headache was diminished and on the way out.

You can learn how to help other with Eeman in one of my healing classes. It works on a variety of problems, mind body and spirit.

Or you can arrange a spiritual healing session with me.


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