How long does an alternative healing last?

The healing when it happens, on whatever gets completely healed, is continual? Done, done, and done.

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One other situation may be a factor.

Deepak Chopra


talks of a lady that he helped heal of stage four breast cancer. When she went back to her home town, in joy she told her doctor.

He responded, “Do not worry … It will return.” [Great bedside manner.]

bedside manner

She was shattered. Cancer started to show up. It was a new mentally induced breast cancer. Dr. Chopra got her mind thinking right about healing and the new cancer vanished.

If the mind can heal you, it can kill you.

The Bible says, as a man thinketh in his heart so is he. In this case, as Dr. Joseph Murphy wrote about, when you have cancerous thoughts, you have cancer.


When you think healed thoughts your healing is done, done, and done.

Do you wonder why cancers are on the increase? Could it be all the fearful talking about it? Did you know that X% of women will get breast cancer? Be afraid; be very afraid.


This thinking can open the door to mentally induced cancers.

Do not let your thinking interfere with your constantly healing body. Do not let it effectually nix a healing that I will do for you in San Antonio, TX. (See now for more details please the pages healing and also the one on axiatonal lines because as you can imagine there is more info.)

Hypnosis and autogenics, which are practiced by me, can help reblueprint your subconscious to eliminate habits and thinking that bring bad things into your life. (Click now on the page please on hypnosis and autogenics because there is as you can imagine more details.)




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