May 11, 2016 –  Thurisaz & Wunjo




The thorns can trap you or protect you.  


It is your choice.  When you focus on your problems, you trap yourself.  When you seek your joy in victory over your problems, you are trapped, and your happiness is entangled in the problem.  


You may, if you look, find the good in or from the problem, and you are thereby protected.  But you must look for the benefit, which may be yet to come because of the thorn.  Then in the torn you see your protection.  The problem is often the way of escape.  


With every temptation there is made a way of escape.  


Seek your joy, not entanglement, not entanglement in the problem and a victory, not entanglement in the ego.  


This is the sublime chiasmus.  Flow from fight.  Happiness to joy.
Joy is not in participation in the self.  Joy is participation in the flow of the clan.  It is not good for man to be alone … in his entangled happiness.  Man can not be alone in his joy.  


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