May 9, 2016  –  Isa & Reversed Othala


othala reversed


Ego – homeland


Ego is a bane.  We all have some and must have some to survive in this world.  It may be true that you are a god.  But ego says that I AM GOD.  Does a little finger say, “I AM THE BODY?”  


When you are not open to learning and thereby adjusting your moving, when you are filled up with knowing, you are ice.  The currents of the Middle Land, Midgard, swirl around you and passes you by.   If you do not think, you live a stagnant and empty life.  You watch the Middle Land pass you by.  You have in your knowing become a Thur, stupid giant, stupefied when what happens happens.  


When you are sold on yourself, you have lost your heritage.   You are alone in the Midgard.  You have sold your birthright for a mess of pottage.  


a mess of pottage



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