Healing is Healing.

That should be a universal truth.  For many it is not.  I know some in metaphysical healing that think it is just awful if someone finds a healing and they did not find it in their personal method.

News flash.  Healing is healing.  Isn’t that the point.

I was talking with a veterinarian about placebo.  He said now it is illegal for doctors to prescribe placebo.  Why is that?  It is what is needed sometimes.  But they are not allowed now to practice good medicine, unless you do it the way regulators, think things should be.  Anything else is quackery.

Paracelsus, a Swiss doctor, in the early 1500’s said, “Faith however produces miracles; and whether it is true or false faith, it will alway produce the same wonders.”  That is placebo at its heart.

I had a nurse practitioner tell me that it is now considered unethical to use placebo.  But she had seen it work well years ago.

If it works and healing is healing, why is it unethical?

Pomponazzi in the sixteenth century said, “Quacks and philosophers know that if the bones of any skeleton were put in place of the saint’s bones, the sick would nonetheless experience beneficial effects, if they believed that they were veritable relics.”

Alternative healing is often called quackery, because the healing that follows is “just placebo”.  Without arguing the point in substance I always just respond with, “Healing is healing. Your point is?”


I had a little kindergartner behind me in the check out line.  She had a bad cough.  I said, “My, that is a bad cough.”

Her dad told me that they had had her to doctors, and there was nothing wrong, but every morning she had this cough.  The little angel looked at me with big eyes, and I had to do something.  I called on my spirit helpers to help me.

Immediately I thought placebo.  If it was not physical, it was mental.  I told her that there was a magic place in her hand.  If she pressed on it, that cough would go away.  She was pressing and coughing lessened.  I immediately said, “See it is already working.”  She left not coughing.  Like a little child she believed.

Two weeks later at that restaurant the father came over and thanked me.  I asked why.  He told me that the darling had not coughed since I should her that magic point.

I just said, “You are welcome.”  I did not tell him that I had made it up, and it was placebo.  It was a way to break her mental miss programming about the cough.

Healing is healing.  Was that clearly placebo event unethical?

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