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 20. Nutrients


One teaspoon of Cinnamon Powder provides 0.33mg (16% DV) Manganese, 0.76 mg (4% DV) Iron, 24.56 mg (2% DV) Calcium. Manganese functions as an enzyme activator, building good structure and bone metabolism. WebMD says that manganese is useful for osteoporosis, some types of anemia, and symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).


21. Insect Repellent


The anti microbial qualities of cinnamon leaf oil has been successfully used for head lice, black ant control, bed bugs, dust mites, and roaches.

It also known as repellent for mosquitoes.  A WebMD article refers to Taiwanese study that discovered that it not only kills mosquito larvae but also acts as a bug repellant. This paper suggests that real cinnamon oil as opposed to cinnamon extract has the best range of antimicrobial activity.


22. Cold, Sore Throat, and Cough


At the first sign of sniffles or an itchy throat drink some cinnamon tea or cinnamon stick tea. It is claimed to halt  an impending illness out of hand. This is attributed to the antibacterial properties and warming properties of cinnamon and its effect toward increased blood flow.  On its effect is improves your blood oxygen levels to fight illness. Chinese traditional medicine often recommends cinnamon for phlegm coughs.


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