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3. Stomach Bug or Flu

Cinnamon may be one of the best remedies for a stomach bug.

stomach flew


Why not since cinnamon is a powerful anti-bacterial? Researchers have proved that cinnamon is one of the most effective treatments for  E-coli, and  salmonella. as well as campylobacter . Another study as noticed cinnamaldehyde from cinnamon bark oil in its various forms as effective against adenovirus. Another reason to drink cinnamon tea which contains cinnamon bark oil is that it has high levels of cinnamaldehyde (between 40-50%).  


  1. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)


As a digestive aid cinnamon can reduce the uncomfortable feelings some people get with IBS, especially the bloating. This works because cinnamon kills bacteria thus healing infections in the GI tract helping the gastric juices to work normally. One Japanese study claimed it would cure ulcers but this cannot be verified. However, when you experience stomach cramps or upsets, a cup of cinnamon tea 2-3 times  per day will help to reduce the pain.


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