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F. Black Tea and Sunburns

When I was a fair skinned boy, I had problems with sunburns.  



They were so bad that twice I had to go to the doctor and was laid up for a while.  One of the older ladies from church told my mother to apply black tea to my sunburns.  It worked like a miracle for me.


You make the tea very, very strong.  [Of course you let it cool.]  Then you take a paper towel, cotton ball, or something like that and paint the tea on the burned area.  [Know that this will probably stain a cloth.]  You leave the strong tea bowl out, and whenever you walk by, you smear a little on the area.  It is up front very soothing and pain diminishing or relieving.


I found that for light to moderate sunburns is worked so fast that the next day you are not even red.  And further I never had the normal result of peeling skin when I used black tea.  It was amazing.


Some say that this is the result of tannic acid in the tea.  This is a chemical used in some formulas for tanning leather.  There is even a black tea tanning formula.  I guess you “tan your hide” with black tea.  Ha.


G. Black Tea and Metabolism



Preliminary studies in people show that a black tea supplement can boost metabolism.


H. Black Tea Dosage

Optimal doses of black tea have not been established. Supplement ingredients and quality may vary widely. You can make it strong or weak tea.  This makes it hard to set a standard dose.  Moderate usage is considered to be between one and four cups a day.


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