Why is your way of healing better than others?

The assumption in the question is that I think my way is the “best”. Healing is healing. One healing is as good as another, no matter how it comes, because healing is healing.

If one is healed of a tumor with a herb, that is the desired out come. If one uses an FDA approved drug, that same healing is good. If I help someone heal themselves with augmented reconnective style healing (ARH), autogenics/hypnosis, Eeman, pendulum, runes, or whatever, that is equally good.

In some healing modalities there maybe considerations about side effects. However on the healing level better does not exist.

I told one M.D. about a healing that I was privileged to help with and be the witness of. (All healings are self healings. There was a saying many years ago that the doctor dresses the wound, and the God heals it.)

The M.D. reacted I felt a little defensively. He sternly said, “It was just the placebo effect.”

I did not argue the point. I just answered him with a question, “And your point is?”

If there is a healing, at least on that level, there is nothing better, however it came.

Another doctor, another time, responded to my recounting of a healing saying, “I am glad that worked for you.” That was a much more mature response.

I heard Chunyi Lin talking about chi gong. There are literally thousands of systems. With each one there is a “master” who swears that his way is the only right way. Chunyi thought that only meant that they had found a way that worked for them. The example he used was the style of breathing he used. He said it worked for him, but if another style works for you by all means use it.

This is true in traditional rune practice. Each vitki or practitioner did things differently. Maybe there were some common basic principles, but each did things differently, sometimes profoundly differently. And they all had success.

It is the same in music. Think of the eight note scale with half notes. Everything from Mozart, to Lead Zeppelin, to George Straight, to Xavier Cugot, used the basic principle of the eight note scale. They were all different, sometimes profoundly different. And they all had success in some situations.

The same is true in healing. All modality should be respected. One healing is not better than another. It just is what it is.

My preference is ARH style healing. That I think works best for me. But even in that I realize that the other methods that I practice have their place.

For example I was in a public place. I saw a friend who had a shoulder problem. In a public place ARH is not generally applicable. So, it reached in my pocket for a pendulum. In about 5 minutes the problem reversed. ARH might have worked as well on the shoulder. Healing is healing; nothing is better.

(That is why I practice several modalities of healing and let intuition guide how I address each specific situation.)

See now my pages please on ARH, Eeman, pendulum, hypnosis/autogenics, runes, exorcism, etc. because as you can imagine there is more info. I work in San Antonio, TX, but I also do distant work.

My goal is to help 1,000 people before the next new moon.

Thank you.


I hope also the new moon experiment is going good for you. Remember every morning and evening to read the listed desires and the just say “thank you” for each. That is it. It is that easy.

Thank you.

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