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Using Names for that Beyond?


Some people have no or tepid results when trying to call on the archangels to do them service because their faith is in the name or the angel.  As I talk about in my book on guardian angels their work is to provide a door for the end goal.  


You have to pass through the door that they prepare for you.  You must look past the angel and move through the door.  This is that looking beyond aspect.  


The same is true with the archangels.  When you invoke the help of an archangel, you open the door to that which is beyond the archangel.  

open door

You might look at it this way.  You are involved in invoking the archangel, but you are invoking the access to the desired manifestation.  The archangel is a symbolic helper and not the goal.  Faith should be vested not in the archangel but in the ultimate intention.


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