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What are Archangels?


The archangel Michael is called by Daniel chief among the princes.  This is, to be simplistic, indication that there is a hierarchy in among the angels.  Since the prefix arch means principle, there are princes with is someway lesser angels that are their minions.  


And among these princes there is Michael who is the pinnacle of the angelic realm.  If we were to use a military metaphor, Michael is the angelic generalissimo, the other princes, of which he is one, are his marshals, and the lesser angels are the foot shoulders.  


Why the term generalisimo?  I used the term generalissimo pointedly.  It is very descriptive of the hierarchy of the angelic realm.  That general would be the head general in a military operation.  In a particular operation there may be many generals, but someone has to be in command.  That is the generalissimo.  


In this context the rank of the generals is of no significance.  There may be appointed a general of even lesser rank than some of the generals involved, but for this mission the generalissimo makes the final decision.  There may be a war counsel and much discussion among the general officers.  However, in the end the generalissimo makes the final decision ,and that is the way it goes.  The others follow his order.


In the late battle at Gettysburg in the later war between the states in the United States,  


General Lee was the southern generalissimo.  When the battle plan for the final day was being drawn up, there was a legendary argument between General Lee and General Longstreet.  


Theoretically Lee’s plan could work.   Theoretically Longstreet’s plan could work.  In the end General Lee gave the orders for his plan and ultimately Longstreet followed orders.  


If for some reason President Jeff Davis


had directed that Longstreet would be generalissimo for the sorte in force into the north,  Lee would have followed Longstreet’s orders.  
This will be a template for understanding how the archangels work.  And it will be instructive as to how you can call upon them when you have a special need for their help.

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