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What are Angels? – Pt. 3


When you examine the Christian literature in light of the Melchizedek tradition, the insights are mind blowing.  Jesus is a priest after the order of Melchizedek.  


What am I talking about?


Religious history divides into three ages.  There was the patriarchal period, when God spoke through the fathers as priests of the family or people.  Then there was the Mosaic age in which God spoke through the prophets and priests.  The revelations came not through the patriarchs, but though the ecclesiastical class of prophets.  


Finally, there was the Christian era, when there was a combo of the ecclesiastical prophets of what we call the New Testament.  That teaching was to be understood in light of the schoolmasters of the patriarchs and Jewish prophets, all that had come before the Christian age.  


This schoolmaster concept of that which preceded Christianity included both Abraham and Moses, the patriarchal time and the Mosaic period.  So that which preceded Christianity is valid truth to understand that which is applicable for spirituality today.  


As we have indirectly noted, during the Mosaic dispensation of the Israelites, God had not left the rest of the world in the dark.  Truth in the Old Testament and truth in the writings of the Patriarch and priests of the parallel system are schoolmasters to inform us about useful truth.


Some of the patriarchal truths were written, but most of them were handed down in the folklore from that pre Christian world.  When we find concepts that are repeated in differ traditions, we are seeing truth.  And that can be instructional and enlightening.  And note that those truths were written in the cultural context of their origins and in that jargon.  


That being said when we look at angels and archangels we may see them expressed in different terms.  There seems always to be a concept of a god behind, but the development of what we call polytheism may be nothing more than a cultural depiction of archangels and angels, god and demigods.  Surely they would have thought of angels as more like God than man.  


Consider the earth elementals of such entities as fairies, elves, gnomes, etc as angels.  They had their kings and queens that are most likely descriptions of archangels.  They are just angels expressed in other cultural jargon.  

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