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Using Names for that Beyond? 3


Moving this into the archangels, the archangel for healing arts is Raphael.  So as you meditate deeply on him and as you learn more about him and meditate more what his power of healing is, you will connect with that vibration.  As you imagine that healing vibration into the situation at hand, you apply the power through Rafael.  He has opened the door and shown you the way.  


This is seek it and find it.  Ask for it and receive it.  And use it in knocking on the door of opportunity to apply it.  The archangels in this can open more doors than you can imagine.  


Maybe you can imagine the power of Michael vanquishing all the blockages before your goal with his mighty sword.  Or you could imagine the power of archangel Asrael as he soothes grief in a situation.  You are calling on these archangels, but more importantly you are looking beyond accessing the power that these angels point you to.  In this you are using into not the archangels per se, but rather the power of archangels.  


In this when you feel it you find it.   It is not a relationship with the archangel, it is feeling with the vibration/power that they use.  This is power aquisition at its best.  The doors to manifestation of your goals are thrown open.  


The feeling becomes the prayer.  Feelings are the language of the universe and communication with the divine.  The New Testament even says the Spirit makes intercession for us with groanings that cannot be uttered.  The feeling is delivered and understood.  In that the power is released.  St. Paul said, “Pray always.”  That is when you carry around the feeling that is the prayer.  And again, all things are to be received with the feeling of thanksgiving.  You are thankful for what you feel is already accomplished by the power.  


Calling on the archangels is one way to accomplish this.  Whatever way you access the feeling you access the power of that manifestation.


Gregg Braden

gregg braden

asked the abbot of a Tibetan monastery what the monks were doing when he watched their prayers.  The abbot replied that he had not seen their prayers.  What they were doing was assumed by Braden to be the prayers to get them into the feeling.  It was the feeling that was the prayer and not the outward trapping.  
The calling on of archangels can be a way of generating the feeling, just like a liturgical prayer done contemplatively can be a way to generate the correct feeling to manifest your goal.  That feeling then becomes the real prayer.  “Pray always.”  This real prayer can be tapped into by calling on the archangels and in expectation looking beyond.  

to be continued


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