One of the teachings of groups like the Catholic Church is that to deal with a demon [fallen angel] you need to find out its name.  Some claim that a demon possessing a person will not want to tell you its name, because when you know its name you can command it away.  Your command for it to leave I assume is more focused when you name it.  


Jesus did something like this with a possessed man.  Jesus asked what was the name of the demon, and they responded “Legion for we are many.”  That is the famous incident where he commanded Legion into a herd of swine.  


It appears from the account that the fallen angels became afraid after the name Legion had slipped out.  Their following conversation seemed to indicate that they were at that point at his mercy.  Jesus was evidently then able to do what he willed with them.  Sending them out of the country or into the swine was simply a choice of Jesus with that name Legion known.  


This may will be a related situation with the archangels.  When you call on them by name, you are activating a type of control.  I am not using the word control in some absolute sense.  Maybe it might be better said that you are awakening them and their powers to your request of intention.  They no doubt have some free will.  However, we might phrase it, there is some activation of their power.


That concept may be hard for some people to digest.  It was for me from my religious background.  But remember the angels, including the archangels, are ministering servant sent forth to do service.  So says the Bible in Hebrews.  


There are two ways to look at this.  Actual or focusing a thought in the heart.  I can not definitively say which way that is.  But it makes no difference; both ways work.  [More on this later.]


There is little doubt in the ancient text that angels and archangels exist.  There is no doubt that they function to do service.  It is no doubt that they can and do do service in your life.  And at times they can be called upon [or used in one way or the other] to do their work.  


to be continued

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