Why does augmented reconnective style healing (ARH) sometimes provide positive results in spite of traditional medical opinion expecting negative results?

There may be several answers to this. Every case is individual; one size does not fit all. Remember that every person is an individual and not a subpart of a statistic about the greater whole.

What may be true statistically of the whole is not necessarily true of the individual. Some of modern medicine thinks along the lines of the fallacy of division, a well known informal fallacy.

Even within the medical literature they make this admission. They rrefer to some healing as spontaneous remissions and the placebo effect.

I will give one factor that may play a part in medically unexpected healing which happens when you receive from me ARH. (Some say this is related to hypnosis or autogenics, but it is beyond that. Check out now the page on hypnosis and autogenics.) The obvious answer is that ARH deals with the universal or God mind. When I do ARH, I have to get my mind out of the way and through instinct listen to the God mind.

Often what we think is the problem is not. The apparent problem maybe only a symptom or side effect of another problem. Often doctors deal with symptoms and not the real problem. The apparent problem may vanish when the affecting problem is corrected.

In some cases medical practitioners are understandably so focused on the apparent problem that they miss the nexus to another subtle or hidden problem. As a psychologist will say, that may even be a mental problem.

It might, even as St.Paul in the Bible says, be a spiritual problem. He said that some were sick because of sin. Yes when one, without regard to what his moral system might be, lives his life in a different way than he believes is right, that can make him sick. Few doctors would look for that.

If the affecting problem is not corrected, the effect problem will not be corrected.

If using just my mind, I would only play with aura sensations near the apparent problem. With ARH I feel around all the aura and play with sensations everywhere. Instead of letting my mind or what I see or think be the limiting factor, I turn the places to work with over to the universe/God. This is like a sort of aura reflexology.

Say a person has an apparent stomach problem. As I feel around the aura, I find sensations to play with on the left side of the head. I then put my mind in a basket and like a little child I play with that sensation.

What does a place in the head have to do with a problem in the stomach? That is a mind limiting question. The universe/God has shown me this, and I will not be limited by my mind. I will be open to God. Work there for now.

In a real session there would be many places that I work with, maybe near the apparent problem, maybe far away. Sometimes a sensation is even several feet away. Why and how questions are just mind limiting.

Dr. Wayne Dyer says all problems are spiritual problems. Remember that ARH deals with mind, body, and spirit. Look beyond the apparent for healing as I do with ARH.

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