What advice can you give to a healer?

The answer maybe shocking for it is far too simple. This principle applies beyond healings. It is fundamental to hypnosis, manifestations, cleansings, readings, psychic abilities, etc.

Jesus said except you become as a child you shall not enter.

This principle arrives not in learning a particular method or way of intellectually thinking. If that is the way you are thinking and why you look for some method, your intent shifts from healing facilitation to doing the method or thinking right. You have lost your healing focus substituting method focus. This changes actions into a world of happenstance diminishing manifestation.

A child does not approach a situation with a method preconception. What does a child know? He looks through the eyes of instinct.

Think of the rubics I cube. An adult says this is hard or impossible. So, the cube is never straightened out.

A child sees something interesting and plays with it. Then shortly he hands you the finished cube.

Some chi healing masters just feel for unusual places in the aura of the mind, body, and spirit of the person needing any type of healing, mind or body. They start with interest to play with that feeling. They think how interesting is that. Maybe they tap, or apply pressure, or sees how far from the body he can pull that feeling away from the body and still feel it, etc. what ever feels right at the time.

(I have always found it easier to do a card reading with someone that I do not know. My preconceptions about the person that I know do not get in the way. It is a more child like reading)

They do not try to heal. (Some do not even want you to tell them what is wrong.) they just play with it like a child. And shortly there is a healing or a marked improvement.

I once saw a girl with a torn ACL in the knee. I just started fooling around in the aura for something unusual. As I found spots I started pulling the feeling like taffy and playing with it. After twenty minutes, I ended the quick session.

The next day she laid down her crutches and the ACL was healed without the doctor recommend surgery.

Stop thinking of a healer and start thinking as an instinctive healing facilitator, a child like feeler or player.

When a baby is hurt or sick, mommy often instinctively pats, rubs, or just lays hands on the child and there is positive results. MOMMY KISS IT may be good healing.

Those who would be effective healers should become as a little child and without intent of doing a healing just enjoy playing with the instinctive feelings.



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