Limited modern man?

 Modern man has been conditioned to view the world in certain ways. To some extent that is important to function in society. However sometimes the blueprinted perspective is a limiting factor.

The open minded person is not limited by such.

When we step out of what is our upbringing, many hidden truths become available for our use.

The advanced seer, healer, or whatever  casts off the blinders of the “known” and embraces the unknown.

All thing, Jesus said, are possible to him that believes. In that embrace figuratively the third eye opens to reveal the secrets our preconceptions have hidden from us.

You can see beyond what you think.

Use ancient perspectives as windows to new perspectives for you.

Believe it is possible.

Freedom awaits you. There the truth may set you free.

What follows are secrets hidden behind our opinions about the way things are.


Play open-mindedly.

And watch the results without expectation.

It will amaze you.


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