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You can enter the field of infinite possibilities.

Schedule a group healing workshop now through the contact link at aluministries.com

Books – healing, manifesting, and more, etc at billhaberman.com

Contact for free distance healing & prayers – aluministries.com

Course -Hypnosis Healing For Non Hypnotist Healers – https://www.simpliv.com/generalhealth/hypnosis-healing-for-non-hypnotist-healers-others

Course – Mastering Meditation 101 – https://www.simpliv.com/search?query=bill%20haberman

Course – Telepathic Healing 101 – https://goo.gl/pLXPNs

Course – Secrets of Perfecting Successful Prayer 101 – goo.gl/E7wdJJ

I can make arrangements to be at healing and metaphysical workshops for lectures and classes. aluministries.com

Donations or gifts – paypal.me/ALUministries

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I do not give medical advise only opinion.



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